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If you plan to do something in life, then you must go ahead and do it without thinking about it too much. Zesty Nimbu was the result of exactly the opposite efforts. The idea was in the pipeline for a very long time before it saw the light of day! But thankfully, it did come out of the closet. I founded Zesty Nimbu in the Pre-Covid era, back when the world was still normal, on 19th September 2019! It will always be a landmark day in my life.

When I started Zesty, I was all over the place with my messaging. Finally I found my niche and Zesty Nimbu became a place for talking about Sanatana Dharma by connecting our next generation of kids with our Dharmic Roots and Culture.

On August 5th, 2020, a new chapter starts for Zesty Nimbu. We embark on a journey to explore our Dharmic heritage with the help of this amazing website developed by my brother Mr. Srinath Panchavati. Kindly enjoy this space and keep in touch by giving your valuable suggestions and also your feedback. Do check out my YouTube channel, new video every week!


I am an Engineer and an MBA. I worked in IT Sales in India before moving to the USA after my Marriage. I then decided to pursue what has always been my calling; talking about Indian Scriptures and epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana among others.

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